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All Types Of Painting And Decorating In Norwich

David Cottrell Painter and Decorator carry out all types of painting and decorating in Norwich, whether that be painting a fence around your home, or re-plastering and wallpapering an entire property. By using an expert to complete any painting and decorating on your home or business, you can ensure upon completion that the results are carried out to a highly professional standard.

Interior And Exterior Painting

If you are looking to freshen up the look and feel of your property, painting the insides and/or outside could be just what your property needs. Not only will it make your home or business premises that little bit easier on the eye, but it will also feel new again. The easy option would be to do this yourself, but after endless coats later, it may not always go to plan.

As a painter and decorator Norwich, you can turn to us to carry out all interior and exterior work, our knowledge and experience combined together will ensure a smooth and flawless finish. This begins with us prepping the surfaces, all the way through to the end result of your property looking and feeling brand new again.

When it comes to the exterior painting, it is important to choose a time of the year when this a smaller chance of rain, due to the paint needing plenty of time to dry.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch with David Cottrell Painter and Decorator today.


When you have chosen the most suitable colour and design of hanging wallpaper, it can have a really pleasing impact on your room. One important aspect to be aware of is that some corners and walls aren't straight, so being mindful of this will help to ensure the wallpaper is hung without flaws. As a leading painter and decorator in Norwich, we have the required skills to ensure that your wallpaper will hang as it is suppose to. This involves correctly prepping your walls prior to the paper being put up, which helps to leave it with a smooth, crisp finish.

Skimming And Re-Plastering

To help improve the overall finish of walls, skimming or re-plastering of poor surfaces can really help. Whether a wall has damp, previous poor plastering or worst case scenario, no plaster there at all, using one of these two methods will really help to create a great looking smooth surface, one will be ready for paper or wallpaper over it. As a painter and decorator Norwich locals turn to us for experience in these areas, David Cottrell Painter and Decorator have the essentials to carry out skimming and plastering successfully.

Gate, Fence And Shed Painting

In order to keep your gate, fence and shed both aesthetically pleasing and safe against the weather, they should get treatment every couple of years. The correct type of paint is also an important factor towards this. Though this seems like a minor task, painting these objects will help the maintenance of them over time. David Cottrell Painter and Decorator will help to take care of these, so contact us today.

Home Decorators Norwich

David Cottrell Painter and Decorator can carry out all types of work in your property; this could be from plastering or skimming walls to prep them for painting and wallpapering over, to completing all of the decorating for an entire home. Having decorated a variety of homes throughout Norwich - ie. houses, apartments, bungalows etc - David Cottrell Painter and Decorator have the necessary skills to ensure a great looking finish is achieved for your property.

Commercial Decorators Norwich

Whether you are looking for painting to be completed in your shop or you have a full office block that needs a complete makeover, David Cottrell Painter and Decorator is a painter and decorator in Norwich business owners can turn to to ensure they have an aesthetically pleasing premises for both their customers and members of staff.

If you would like to discuss the work that you would completing, then call now on 01603 749171 or 07733 034101.

As a business working towards being the best painter and decorator Norwich offer, the positive sign we are heading in this direction is the amount of returning customers we have; on top of this, we are always grateful for the referrals we receive from our existing clients.

To get in touch with a highly professional painter and decorator in Norwich, please fill in the contact form on this page, or call us now on 01603 749171 or 07733 034101.

Finishes include :-

  • Painting; gloss, matt, eggshell, and other finishes
  • Wallpapering
  • Lining
  • Textured Coatings
  • Staining
  • Rag Rolling
  • Varnishing
  • Flooring Painting
  • Masonry
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Concrete, Metals and Wood Coatings

And many more ....